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Thread: Just ordered a Breitling B-1 Chronometer

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    Just ordered a Breitling B-1 Chronometer

    A long time ago, I owned a Breitling Navitimer. However, over the years I found it much too large and gaudy, and gifted it to a relative when he graduated with a degree in aeronautical engineering (he was over the moon).

    Even so, I have always enjoyed Breitlings, and have been looking at them lately. It was tough deciding between the Aerospace EVO and the B-1, but as a pilot, the B-1 was much more appealing. Plus, the crown and operation of the B-1 is often said to be easier than the Aerospace, which is supposedly an "acquired" taste.

    And Geoff, you can finally rest knowing that I now own at least one watch.

    Here are some of the seller's photos. Can't wait for this puppy to arrive!

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    I love that watch, an absolutely gorgeous functional piece, and the caseback is a work of art.

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    I agree. I was really torn between the Aerospace and the B-1, and perhaps the Cockpit.

    I guess I have a thing for discontinued quartz movements. I love my Rolex Oysterquartz, and I like the B78 movement, which is pretty much a rebranded ETA Thermoline E20.341.

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    i have made several posts of late enquiring of owners of B1 for imput as regards the watch - although i have had breitling this is the only one nowadays that i am drawn to as a real daily workhouse - i am currently looking at a B1 that is being offered to me , predecessor to yours -which is not 'superquartz ' but more or less the same watch and also with the blue dial - would be interested in your thoughts after receiving when you have time - generally it seems to just edge out the X33 by independent judges -pre-owned seem to be numerous in USA -but nice used ones with papers thinner on the ground in UK - all of research tells me its a very fine tool - enjoy !
    edited -i have an Oysterquartz also , so we are likeminded in our view of things

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    I would agree that the B1 is certainly a much better watch than the X33, in my opinion.

    The B1 is said to be much more accurate than the X33. The polished B1 vs. the matte of the Aerospace or the X33 bothered me a little, but in person, it's pretty irrelevant. But the X33 is said to have a much better alarm, although to me, that's irrelevant since I use my phone for that anyway.

    Then there's the X33 history, if you're into that. But personally, the B1 or the Aerospace are also much more aesthetically pleasing.

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    Love the case work and the great unique dial. Very nice choice,

    One of the best Breits out there IMHO.
    "Either He's Dead, Or My Watch Has Stopped....."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nokie View Post
    Love the case work and the great unique dial. Very nice choice,

    One of the best Breits out there IMHO.
    Clearly we are in agreement.

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    I certainly enjoyed mine while I had it.

    If only I could remember why I sold it...

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    You were young and you needed the money?

    Quote Originally Posted by tribe125 View Post
    I certainly enjoyed mine while I had it.

    If only I could remember why I sold it...

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    That's a stunner, congrats! With all that polish and double AR you'll definitely need to keep a soft cloth in your pocket.

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