Chinaís most prominent watch factories were located in the eastern part of the country, and often less attention is paid to watches from farther west. These two new-to-me pieces come from Western China.

Fenglei Instruments Factory in Xian began wristwatch production in the late 1960s or early 1970s. I saw what looked like a nice example of an early Xiongmao (panda) brand and bought it.

Unfortunately its hands arenít properly aligned (although they appeared correct in the sellerís picture). Sometimes these early Xiongmaos have blank casebacks, but at other times theyíre marked.

Early Xiongmao brand watches usually have SS1 movements made by one of the factories in Shanghai. Under this oneís balance: GA above SS1, dating the movement to January 1972; coincidentally itís the same date code as my other early Xiongmao.

Pu Bu (waterfall) brand watches were manufactured in Guiyang. An old factory list says they were manufactured by Guizhou Watch Factory, but I havenít seen any evidence that it ever existed. My other watches from the city (Zhucheng & Huichun brands) were made by Guiyang Watch Factory.

Midsize Pu Bu watches can be found for reasonable prices, but I didnít know full size models existed until I saw this one.

Like the Xiongmao, this oneís crown is unsigned. The ZCQ movement is a product of Chongqing Clock & Watch Company, which had close connections with Guiyang. Under the balance: 8510 above ZCQ (probably October 1985).

I saw a picture in Mr. Ma Rongís store of a Pubu brand watch box which doesnít state a factory name, but I find it interesting that underneath the torn paper, it looks like a Chongqing Clock & Watch Company box. BTW in his description he says his Pubu brand watches are products of Guiyang Watch Factory.

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