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Thread: Rado World Travel 30 Jewels up for sale

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    Rado World Travel 30 Jewels up for sale

    Up for sale is my Rado World Travel 30 Jewels in very good condition.
    I am located in Vienna Austria and am asking for 400 + 35 shipping.
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    Still available, please make offers

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    Rado World Travel still up for sale

    Here are two additional pictures. Please send your offers via PM.
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    Still available, price reduction to 350 € !
    Please send offers, otherwise it may go to ebay.

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    Still up for grabs! Let's negotiate a price, Radoistes.

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    872 views and nobody interested in buying this beautiful and rare watch in this very good condition? The 30-jewel movement alone is worth it.
    Please give me your offers!

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    1300 views and no offers? C'mon folks, grab the bargain.

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    Still here and available as cheap as possible

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    Quote Originally Posted by earl of farnborough View Post
    Still here and available as cheap as possible
    Still UP, otherwise (which would be a shame) it goes to ebay.

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    This beautiful watch is still available so will somebody please grab it as cheap as possible.

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