We love watches. We love watch collecting. We also love watch collectors, and in fact most of the team at HODINKEE are indeed serious collectors in their own right. The collecting community is a small but ever growing group of global timepiece nuts that bond over a preternatural love for these wonderful little machines. And the entire purpose of this humble little platform on which you find yourself is really to bring the most detailed and in-depth knowledge from the great thought leaders in horology around the world, to you, at home. And that is why today we are beyond excited to announce something to merge you – members of a burgeoning global family of watch lovers – with them, the tastemakers and power-players. This December 11th and 12th, we will be holding the very first HODINKEE Collectors Summit. This, my friends, you will not want to miss.
Okay, So What Is It?
The idea behind the HODINKEE Collectors Summit (HCS) is about sharing knowledge between like-minded folks. We want to ensure that the understanding and appreciation of timepieces continues to grow, and until now, there really hasn't been a real-life platform for this. We aren't talking about the latest and greatest stuff the watch brands want you to think are important; we will be discussing the pieces that just are important – not by the definition of anyone but real collectors and experts. This event will be a true behind-the-scenes experience for collectors that want to learn from the very best in the world.
When Is It?
We’ll start with a welcome reception on the evening of Friday, December 11th, followed by the Summit on Saturday, December 12th. All activities will take place in New York City within a few blocks of each other. The Summit will consist of an entire day of talks, lectures, and discussions, followed by an evening of food, drinks, and camaraderie.
What Will I Learn?
Here are some of the topics that will be discussed or presented:
- What Is High-End Finishing, Really?
- An Insider's Look At Collecting Vintage Rolex With Details On The Latest Forgeries And Fakes
- An Insider's Look At Collecting Vintage Patek Philippe With Information On Custom Pieces And Production Numbers
- Collecting Audemars Piguet
- Collecting Vacheron Constantin
- Collecting Cartier
- Collecting Independents
- Predictions For Future Gainers And Decliners
- Q&A With A Panel Of The World's Greatest Collectors
What Makes HCS Special?
The whole point of HCS is to encourage open and honest conversation, devoid of any brand considerations or influence. All of our speakers have agreed to be open and candid in their talks, as if they were speaking to a friend. So much horological knowledge exists in a relatively small number of people, and here we will begin to share that knowledge with you.
Also, each talk will have plenty of time for questions and discussion – this is about everyone getting a chance to learn and share and contribute. The speaker won’t be the only knowledgeable person in the room, so we want everybody to have a chance to weigh in on the topics. Having said that, the speakers that will be involved with HCS are truly world-class, and are seldom available unless you too are an insider.
A Note About Privacy
The HODINKEE Collectors Summit is all about discretion, and a mutual respect between collectors. As such, what goes on at HCS will remain amongst attendees. No press will be allowed inside, no guests, and we ourselves will not even be recording most presentations. The goal here again is to encourage the most honest and open feedback for true collectors only.
Also, this event is not sponsored by any watch companies – no brands (big or small), auction houses, dealers, anything. We purposely chose to leave all sponsors out of the conversation, because we want this to be an open dialogue, not just another watch-industry-sponsored event. This is different, and you can quote us on that.
How Can I Attend The HCS?
The event will be invitation only, however the invitations will be distributed in a unique way. We’ll have an open page for anybody to request an invitation by submitting information about their collecting interests, and based on those entries we will send out invitations with the goal of getting the most passionate and interesting collectors, regardless of their collection size. This is not about getting the wealthiest collectors in the world together – but the most passionate. This way, we hope to bring together people who might otherwise be unknown to each other, in addition to old acquaintances and friends. We’re planning to limit the event to under 100 guests to ensure a chance for everybody to participate in each discussion.
How Much Is It?
The ticket price is $3,500 per person. That includes the Friday night reception at a legendary downtown eatery and all day Saturday (including all meals) and beverages at a lovely event space in New York. We chose to do this event sans-watch sponsors to create something truly unique for real watch collectors, and not to give lip-service to any brands. We are thrilled to be offering you an agenda of discussions that is truly unrivaled by anything else on the planet, in a private and beautiful setting, in a format where you will be able to meet and get to know more people that share this love for watch collecting. This is not a for-profit event for HODINKEE; ticket prices are to cover costs, and that's it, because we want this to be a spectacular event – but also one accessible to you, our readers, whose support has made it possible. And consider this: for less than half the price of a decent matte-dial Sub, you will be getting invaluable information and access to some of the most knowledgeable minds in the watch collecting world.
Here’s a link to request an invitation, and we can’t wait to see you at the first ever HODINKEE Collectors Summit this December!
Should you have any questions please contact us at hcs2015@hodinkee.com.