Welcome to episode 18 of Talking Watches. Today we're sitting down with Brad Farmerie, the executive chef behind several of the hottest New York City eateries right now. After honing his craft in London in the 1990s, Farmerie returned to the U.S. in 2003 to open Public Restaurant, which would earn the coveted Michelin Star a handful of years later. In 2011, Saxon + Parole opened its doors, and it is here that we met to discuss his thoughtfully curated collection. This is Talking Watches with Brad Farmerie.
Bell & Ross BR 03

Farmerie's first mechanical watch was this Bell & Ross BR 03, which was a wedding gift from his wife. As you'll see throughout his collection, Farmerie's tastes clearly tend toward the tool/function end of the spectrum – and this 42 mm aviation-themed piece is no exception.
JS Watch Co. Islandus 1919

While on a work-related trip to Iceland, Farmerie discovered JS Watch Co. and quickly became a fan of the small Reykjavik-based manufacture. His Islandus 1919 model is one of a limited-edition run of about 100.
Two-Tone Rolex GMT 1675 Nipple Dial

Particular watches can mean a lot to their owners, and, for Farmerie, this is that watch. This Rolex GMT 1675 was acquired to celebrate two momentous occasions in his life – the birth of his son and the aforementioned Michelin Star. He'd been looking for the right piece for a while (he's a self-described "slow mover" when it comes to buying watches), so his wife pulled the trigger for him. This one gets more wrist time than any other in the collection.
Universal Geneve Compax

Universal Geneve has gained an almost cult-like following in recent years, and Farmerie, like so many others, was drawn to the timeless, vintage look of the brand. After taking his time and researching the company for over a year and a half, Farmerie opted for this Compax.
Strela Sekonda

In 2013, Saxon + Parole opened a sister restaurant in Moscow. So what do you do to celebrate successfully navigating that process? Well, if you're a watch guy like Farmerie, you poke around old watch shops in Moscow and get a Strela Sekonda. While not well known to many collectors, the brand has a close historical affiliation with the Soviet space program – mirroring that of Omega in the U.S.
Swatch Sistem51

Before becoming a chef, Farmerie studied to be a mechanical engineer, and he still appreciates the inner workings of wristwatches and the manufacturing processes that go into making them. Like so many, he was fascinated by the Sistem51 when it debuted a few years ago. As you'll see in the video, this is what he wears while cooking – both for how it wears in the often 100-plus-degree heat of the kitchen and how it looks paired with a white chef's coat.
Information on Public Restaurant (which you may recognize from Talking Watches with Andre Iguodala) can be found here; Saxon + Parole here; and the recently opened Genuine Superette here.