By TLex Science-fiction it may be, but Hamilton have put the first wristwatch on Mars and it's a dive watch! Neil Armstrong might have taken his Omega Speedmaster to the moon and back, but Matt Damon, who plays scientist, Mark Watney in Ridley Scott's latest sci-fi thriller,

The Martian took his military-inspired Khaki Navy BelowZero the full 225.3 million kilometers to Mars - only to find himself stranded and alone, and uncertain of whether or not he'll be making the return journey home!

The BeLOWZERO Auto 2826 might be perfect for even the most daring of space adventures, but it's deep water where it is most at home. Equipped with a Helium Escape Valve and a water-resistant to a depth of 1000 meters thanks to its 5.6mm domed crystal,

the BeLOWZERO is a proper piece of kit. It mighten be to everyone's taste but there is no denying its diving credentials or indeed its aquatic inspired design boasting details such as the fish symbol and divers helmet on its caseback as well as on the special, rubber-feel presentation box that it comes in!