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Thread: Hello from a Canuck!

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    Hello from a Canuck!

    Greetings to all the familiar faces (usernames) and new ones. The site is really taking shape and its nice to see an active membership and mod contribution. Not much I can say about myself but here are the basics...married, 2 kids (Boy 5 and Girl 3), love watches, golf and technology...maybe in that order. My daily job is an IT Manager for a small town in my home province. 14 years and tons of technology change later I still going to work everyday

    I hope to contribute what little knowledge I have to this forum when I can. Watching it grow will be a true pleasure as I have worked with many of the owners of the forum and they are all great, knowledgeable, quick witted and generally all around cool people.

    Currently a mod on WU S so please take it easy on me

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    Seeing wus mods here, and IWL mods there will hopefully keep waters calm so that those of us who want to stay active at both won't feel like we're bigamists

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    People can post where they would like. One place or the other. I am still a member at WUS myself and consider most of the mods there friends.



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    Welcome, Quicksilver!

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    Hello buddy! You keeping everyone in check over there? Miss working with ya. Please send my best to the team
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    Welcome, I'm sure both places can co-exist in harmony.
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    I see I missed another one. So here's my :

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