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Thread: WRUW this Thursday the 23rd of June.

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    I hope you will prevail @iyonk. I can't imagine the stress the situation creates, take care of yourself and your family.

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    Regards Phil
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    Wetter than I expected this morning, but still an enjoyable ride to my early appts. Spending another day with the Mark XVII - the bracelet just came back from refinishing at my local watchmaker.

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    Once in awhile you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.

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    Beater today

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    Building across the street reflected in the crystal -- was the best angle I could get.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iyonk View Post
    Still at my in laws place but gotta arrange to get back home soon...

    Last tuesday i got a call that the company across my home hired 4 lawyers and report me to the police for troubling their business.. they gonna withdraw if i'm willing to sign agreement to let them fully operation without time limit...

    Some people willing to spend big money just to see other people suffer because they can..
    I'm gonna stand on my ground..

    I'm thankful my brother and two of my neighbors gonna assist me with this case..
    I got some pictures and videos of their intimidation&persecution that hopefully could help to show the case to the authority that i'm the victim... can't afford any lawyer but i'm willing to hire one if this silly case keep on evolving.

    Very2 sorry for rambling and venting here..
    A tough watch is appropriate just to let me know what time..
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    Hopefully my IWL family are all doing well and stay save.. God bless us all..
    Hang in there Lyonk. Good for you for standing up to these thugs. Make sure you stay safe!

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    Keep the faith, @iyonk. At some point even the authorities could get embarrassed by this. Any chance of going to the local press or TV people? Seems like a good story they might be interested in.

    EP Red for me today.

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