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Thread: In praise of "good enough"!

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    In praise of "good enough"!

    When I first got into watches the pieces I lusted after weren't Rolexes or Breguets or Pateks, they were what I would call high end affordables - the Stowa Airman, the Seiko SARB035 and Alpinist and Sumo. Well made, solid watches that are never going to set the world on fire but which are handsome and reliable. The Davosa Ternos that I received yesterday definitely falls into that same bracket and it got me thinking about the other pieces I have at that are similarly priced.

    Archimede Pilot 39h

    IMG_20150830_082406 by Olly Clarke, on Flickr

    Seiko SARB035

    IMG_20150907_074417 by Olly Clarke, on Flickr

    Seiko Alpinist

    IMG_20150812_082715 by Olly Clarke, on Flickr

    Davosa Ternos

    IMG_20150920_080844 by Olly Clarke, on Flickr

    I am fortunate enough to own a few pieces a step or 2 up from these and I love them, equally I have owned many watches that were much more affordable and have enjoyed those too, but this 300/$500 ish level seems to be the focal point of my collection. Without wanting to sound like I am damning them with faint praise these are watches that absolutely are "good enough". The quality isn't as high as high end pieces but it is sufficient that you won't have any problems with them. The designs may not always be completely original, but they are always pleasing.
    I suppose everyone's "good enough" level is different, I see plenty of people calling Rolex Subs "beaters", but for me the watches I've shown above are ones that I can't find a single notable fault with. I love 'em

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    You made mention of a Sumo and then didn't back it up with pics, so -1 for that, but overall this thread is a +1, so I guess we're back at zero

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    Quote Originally Posted by Domo View Post
    You made mention of a Sumo and then didn't back it up with pics, so -1 for that, but overall this thread is a +1, so I guess we're back at zero
    Lol. I had one for a while, too big for me though.

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    Ahhhh.. "Good Enough" ... sounds like the story of my life!

    I honestly would be very thankful with something 'Good Enough'... why? because i've experience so many 'bad enough' in my life! LOL!

    i've embraced growing up in a poor family, with very strict parents and children of four... if i think back, i'm glad the situation really make me appreciate life even more.. be thankful with everything no matter how small, and always appreciate those who have work hard with dedication... the extraordinary blessing in my life is my family.. i have loving wife that's faithful, and a boy that always want to make me proud... i count my blessing starting from them.. so, 'good enough' ? YES! i personally would take that everyday! especially in watches...

    since i dont work in office or business attire, like you Olly, i stick with affordables, but i choose the affordables that's solid with quality and quite iconic..

    I work in music recording environment, driving old toyota wagon and exclusively wear jeans and T-shirts.. so these watches i'm gonna mention have been tested to suit my environment..

    first: Seiko skx007:
    it is inexpensive, legendary among diver watch fan and un-doubtly robust... wont give you 'face', but will be a great faithful timepiece for decades
    Name:  DSCN2425.jpg
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    second: Casio G-shock DW-5030c . 30'th anniversary screwback.
    my all time favorite ultra dependable watch... it has stainless body, all the features i need and nothing i dont. 'good enough' for NASA and many military personels (direct descendant form the first G DW-5000 and the legendary DW-5600c) the only watch i need, the rest is all i want..
    Name:  DSCN9884.jpg
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    third: Victorinox Airboss:
    my only swiss auto so i can experience ETA-2824.. almost have to let it go but fortunate enough to keep it.. not for dressy situation, but perfect for casual.
    Name:  DSCN2465.jpg
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    fourth: Seiko Black Monster..
    the watch in my collection that got the least like but i personally really love... it's been tortured with accidental drops, bangs, dips and so on.. my true beaters and tool watches
    Name:  DSCN1866.jpg
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    fifth: VSA Infantry Quartz:
    i really like the style of this field/ tool watch.. the time keeping is excellent.. my fav quartz 3 hander and a date..
    Name:  DSCN2374.jpg
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    uncovered departement: Dress watch..
    this is the departement that i lack.. i dont have fancy watches that's suitable for attire.. heck, i never in attire situation for years!
    in that case, i might grab my seiko presage or orient bambino

    I might never buy any Rolex or luxury watches in my life.. that would be a 'not smart' decision in my current situation... for now "good enough" is actually good enough!

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    Lyonk, I think your examples are perfect! Solid, dependable, handsome watches all. Dress watches are the ultimate pointless luxury IMHO, I don't think I have ever been to an occasion where anyone noticed what I had on my wrist or would have deemed any kind of watch as unsuitable.

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    Thanks Olly!
    another reason why i mostly wear inexpensive timepiece is-- i life in 'not so safe' area.. i have lost a nice watch and wallet with knife touching my stomach and 2 persons holding my neck and arms.. that's why I became one of those persons who try to 'fly under the radar'.. i wear nothing fancy.. and most seiko or casio on the wrist really help the situation =)

    but i also once in a situation when another rich fellow tell me to save up and buy my self a decent watch.. (I was wearing my beloved ALBA) .. he said "save up and buy a Sub.. it is not expensive and you can wear it in any occations"
    I just smile.. i wear what i like and what suits who i am..

    i keep the watch and smile everytime i remember that moment!
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    erased double post
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    Your collection suits your life and taste Iyonk and your straps certainly raise your watches beyond 'ordinary'.
    I agree with your philosophy Olly. Personally, I have no desire to wear a watch costing as much as my car, any more than I think I could enjoy a meal that cost a weeks wages.
    Each to their own but 'good enough' works for me just fine...
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    Funny that I'm wanting the watches I'd previously never heard of, at the high, medium and low end of the price spectrum. That's what keeps me coming back here- finding new ways to spend my money on something I didn't yet know I wanted. Thanks for that!

    Once in awhile you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.

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    When I had problems with my Zhufeng purchase I looked other ways of spending the money, in this kind of range, things like the SARB033, the Orient Star Standard Date, etc. These watches are less than my Nivrel, but more than every other watch I've got so far. And I found it to be the opposite of a comfortable place to be: the money has reached a serious level....but still compromises are having to be made....and I sulkily wander away from the idea.

    There's a SARB033 on sale in the UK for a really good price, and in good condition, but still I shrugged when I came to get serious about buying it. I couldn't find anywhere in it to park my dreams. But maybe this is just a preference for vintage tat. Dunno.
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