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    between the lugs


    I know I'm one of the last losers out there that is BlackBerry faithful, but they've never let me down, and I just manage too much email on the go to depend on virtual keyboards. They're just not the same. I've never really felt the pinch of lack of applications, I've always been able to do what I need. Maybe I don't know what I've been missing? Looks like I can get t best of both worlds soon, and I'm looking forward to picking one up:

    It is now my duty to completely drain you.

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    Geez Louise ..the keyboard is cool!

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    Has anyone done an Android phone with a slide out keyboard that only has a fourteen button keyboard, like ye Nokiae of yore? BlackBerry once did a phone with a fourteen button keyboard and oh I loved it.

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    How 90s
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    Have to say I've just been given a Blackberry Classic for work and I love it

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