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Thread: bu11itt's 1000th Post Giveaway!!!

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    bu11itt's 1000th Post Giveaway!!!


    I've been sitting at 999 for almost two days now while I thought about what I wanted to do for my 1000th post. I can’t tell you how difficult it has been not commenting on several threads during this time. I know, I know, I could have still kept posting and just did my giveaway thread with 1007 posts or something, but I'm way too OCD to every even consider that (but wait, by even making that comment doesn't that imply that I DID consider it... I digress).

    Anyway, I have really enjoyed my time on IWL, met some great people, made some friends, posted lots of pictures of ribeyes, spent some money…. spent some more money… kept spendin…. You get the point; so I wanted to do a little giving back to the community who make this such a friendly place to hang out and talk about all kinds of things, up to and including watches.

    I’ll get to the prizes later, but first I wanted to lay out the ground rules for entering. I kept going back and forth in my mind on what I wanted to do; maybe have people post their favorite watch with a write-up, or the watch to which they were most emotionally attached with a story, I even thought about having you all make me laugh, but at the end of the day I decided on an idea that I thought best captured the spirit, the essence of IWL.

    So, in order to enter for a chance to win, all you have to do it pay it forward. It doesn’t matter where, doesn’t matter what, doesn’t matter to whom; just do something nice for someone else. Could be a member of the forum, could be family member, could be a friend, it could even be a complete stranger you meet out and about, all that matters is the act and spreading kindness (something I think this world could sure use a lot more of). Once you’ve paid something forward come back to this thread and post, “Paid”. If you want to tell a story or give an account of the action please feel free to do so, but by all means do not feel obligated to say anything other than the entry word.

    Right now I plan on letting the contest run for about two weeks, concluding at midnight CST (UTC-5) Wednesday, October 7th. If the entries really start to wind down near the end I’ll call the contest early, but not without a 24-36 hour warning. Winners will be chosen by random drawing (by Mrs. bu11itt aka UnPomme). First drawn will have first pick, second drawn will have second pick, etc…

    So, now to the prizes…. Well you’re just gonna have to wait a little bit because I haven’t quite finalized them yet. The ones I do know I’m including I’m lacking any good pictures (or pictures in general for that matter). I do know it will be at least two watches, two or three straps and a miscellaneous item, so stay tuned (less than 24 hours I promise).

    I want to close by saying, thank you. Thank you to all the wonderful people who make this little corner of the internet populated by an international, multicultural group of watch weirdoes… er… collectors, such a great place to be. No matter the collection, the means, the likes and wants; from divers to dress, mechanical to quartz, analog to digital and everything else in-between, they are all welcomed, accepted, loved and admired. I feel very honored to be considered a part of this wonderful community. Here’s to the future and the hopes that IWL can keep on ticking (preferably at 28,800 bph).

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    It's a privilege to have you here, Chris.


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    I don't need a prize, but I'll happily pay it forward.
    Good to have you around to talk about food and wine, and sometimes even watches!
    Too many watches, not enough wrists.

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    Thanks so much for a thousand great posts, and all your contributions to IWL! I'm really looking forward to your next thousand.

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    I gave you a 1k badge - that counts, right?!
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    Congratulations on reaching the 1k landmark Chris. Your posts are always a pleasure to read and your time with Bob was a treat for us all.
    I won't be entering your contest but am always happy to pay it forward whenever the opportunity arrives, I'm a big believer in karma, and look forward to your next 1000 posts now that your self-imposed embargo has ended.
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    came for a look stayed for the biskwits
    well now that a bit different good idea but think the members on here are all ready paid

    some mornings just read the wruw and seeing the caring responses and goodwill put's a smile on my face so think as I said a few have paid already don't need to say names we all know who I mean let's just say it's music to my ears for one at least

    venus, passion's rockets ,sets afire gentle hearts that music doth inspire,
    through the joys of dance and last play
    leading them to love the sweetest way.
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    LOL! i have a few good laugh just buy opening this thread!
    BIG Congrats on your 1000 posts Chris... you're one of the treasure of IWL, a good man that make a difference in life, a pleasure to have you on board!

    well a give away always need contestants.. so i'm gonna enter to participate, even though it would be better if the member closer to your place that win the giveaway .
    ( i feel bad since i already won two giveaway from Sherry and Brian, but the package seem stuck somewhere.. maybe those two packages sits on the same place right now and have a chat .. and also i've got a surprising gifts from Daniel (DM71), Robert (Skywatch), Peter(Shameless) and Greg.. so it would be more than appropriate to give back to the community)

    I recently got my very FIRST Ever customer for my handmade - strap ... very exciting to have a first time of something!
    this afternoon, i just get back from the post office to send the package... after reading your thread and in the spirit of IWL, I'm gonna tell him after this - that the strap is free.. hopefully he's happy =D

    so.. Paid.

    Goodluck and thank you very much for the giveaway my Chris

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    I'd say that is most certainly paid, Iyonk
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    Congrats, Chris, your contributions here are definitely appreciated. As itmw has already said, one of the cool things about this community is that there are lots of folks who have already paid, and continue to do so when circumstances warrant. It's one of the things that makes IWL special. So I will count myself as paid, too, and will continue to try and do so going forward.

    Oh, and congratulations, Iyonk. Although I have to say, you could have gone pro with your straps earlier if you weren't so generous giving them away...

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