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Thread: SBGJ001: The Silver Dialed Hi-Beat GMT Grand Seiko Photos

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    SBGJ001: The Silver Dialed Hi-Beat GMT Grand Seiko Photos

    SBGJ001: The Silver Dialed Hi-Beat GMT Grand Seiko

    Last month we posted a look at three different Grand Seiko GMT models. This post is an update showcasing another Grand Seiko GMT model, the SBGJ001, a silver/white dial Hi-Beat in stainless steel.

    When looking at the Hi-Beat Grand Seiko GMTs with dark colored dials, we discussed the dial texture differences between the steel and titanium models. The steel model (SBGJ003) features a radial pattern in the dial, while the titanium model (SBGJ013) features a striped dial. This differentiation also applies to the light colored dials. The steel SBGJ001 features the same radial pattern as the SBGJ003. Both references portray a pattern of short non uniform lines instead of the continuous long "rays" emanating from the center like those of a sunburst dial. Seiko has written that the dial pattern is inspired by the view of Mt. Iwate from the offices of Grand Seiko's Shizuku-ishi Watch Studio. As also can be seen by the photos below, the unique pattern is much more visible in this lighter color dial than in the black dialed SBGJ003.

    Often times, silver dial watches with "white" metal hands, especially when non lumed, are hard to read due to the hands reflecting the same color as the dial. In this instance, the high polish hands are easy for the eye to discern. Though the colors are similar, the mirror-like hands look immediately distinct from the radial background even on a casual glance. Along with the Snowflake SBGA011, this watch makes a strong case for the most interesting dial in the Grand Seiko line.

    Below are additional photos of SBJ001. Please also visit our previous article discussing the mechanical features of Grand Seiko GMT models. Which Grand Seiko model has your favorite dial?

    The radial pattern dial of the SBGJ001.

    The highly polished hands and eye-catching radial dial pattern of the SBGJ001.

    The blued GMT hand of the SBGJ001.

    A look at the lower portion of the dial of the SBGJ001.

    The beveled case edge of the SBGJ001 showing crisp lines and a contrast of brushed and Zaratsu polished surfaces.

    The radial dial of the SBGJ003 features the same textured sunburst pattern, though it appears less pronounced or light-catching than the brighter dialed SBGJ001.

    Another view of the radial dial and brushed surfaces of the SBGJ003.

    The display back of the SBGJ001 showing the highly decorated 9S86 Hi-Beat movement.

    Another view through the caseback of the SBGJ001 showing the other side of the movement.
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    I really like the silver dial version of this, but would prefer it with a Spring Drive movement over the High Beat. I may be alone in this preference?


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    Beautiful. High beat instead of Spring Drive, no ugly power reserve. The best GS I've seen yet. Do they do it in non-GMT? Not that I have anything special against GMT, it's just a complication I never use and would hate to pay for.
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