When it comes to wardrobe or watches, you canít beat the classics. By nature, a well made workshirt or field watch are versatile, reliable, and have this seamlessness quality that makes them so easy to wear on an everyday basis. But even traditional design can somewhat get repetitive, and a desire rises for something thatís a step outside the box. Enter Adsum, a Brooklyn based apparel company that puts their own vibrant spin on traditional mens outerwear and technical sportswear. With a quick glance at their collection, youíll notice that they arenít afraid to mix in bold colors and patterns into various menswear staples. Adsum has now turned their sights onto the classic design of the field watch with the release of the Timex Adsum MK1.

The Timex Adsum MK1 still has all the makings of what you would expect from a quintessential field watch; a highly legible dial, sturdy case and a no-frills quartz movement. The dial has your typical large Arabic numeral hour markers and a 24-hour inner ring. But what separates the Timex Adsum MK1 from any other ordinary field watch is the extra pop of color. In true Adsum fashion, the cardinal hour markers and circular plots are filled with a shade of an electric cyan. Combine the white surrounds around the slightly larger 3, 6, 9 and 12 markers against the black dial, and you get a nicely contraster display that unmistakably tells the time. Other than the subtle double Adsum and Timex signage at the bottom, the dial remains fairly minimal, combining the straightforwardness of a field watch and the Adsum flare of the colored markers.

A properly sized field watch in my opinion, the Timex Adsum MK1 case spans 36mm in width and sports a set of lugs that measure 18mm. Those numbers are spot on and the narrower lug width gives the case a more toned body as opposed to some of the broader looking field watch cases with 20mm lugs. Like the dial, the case is uncomplicated. Itís stainless steel with a blend of brushed and polished finishing. The caseback however, comes fully polished and is akin to an inside label on an article of clothing. In all capitals, the caseback reads ďI AM PRESENTĒ which translates in Latin to the clothing brandís name, Adsum

I find the message within the Timex Adsum MK1 very relatable. One of the main reasons I wear a watch is because I want to tell the time without being distracted by notifications and such on my cell phone. Itís very easy to get lost in the sea of messages, emails and social media apps, so best avoid it all together by using a watch to keep you aware of the time. The funny thing is, as a watch enthusiast (Iím sure many of you will relate to this), I may still get distracted for a second (or two) by just appreciating how the watch looks on wrist.

Weíre continuing to see a slew of watch collaborations with apparel and streetwear brands (Moser x Undefeated, G-Shock x HUF, etc) this year and Iím all for it. These unlikely collaborations allow for watch brands to step out of their comfort zone and create something we wouldnít typically see in their collection. The Timex Adsum MK1 adds to that list and just so happens to be affordable and accessible (more on the accessible part below).
The Timex Adsum MK1 comes on a forest green NATO strap and with an additional black Perlon strap. Both signed with the Adsum logo. The Timex Adsum MK1 adds a coolness factor to the timelessness of the field watch, and it’s no wonder why the collaborative piece sold out so quickly. It seems that this wonít be that last collaboration between the two, so stay tuned to the Timex and Adsum space for future projects.

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