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Thread: Looking for info on this Rado Starfire

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    Quote Originally Posted by earl of farnborough View Post
    Hello Chris,
    I contacted this man on ebay and here's a copy of our ebay-correspondence.

    Neue Nachricht von: sophon_l (11,484 )

    Please see this links for example. Rado star fire some model hide the day windows i don't know what reason. Maybe you can find some information on googl.e


    Preisvorschlag senden

    Ihre vorherige Nachricht
    1: could you send a picture of the movement of this watch.
    2: what has happend to the "Day-Window"?
    Thx and rgds

    Hope this can be of some help.
    Hey, thanks for reaching out. I had not gotten to that phase in my interest yet! I may follow up with a request for a movement pic. It's been my experience with these big eBay sellers that it's hard to get additional pictures after the fact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by is that my watch View Post

    scotts one he sold think it had some issue maybe ?

    The dial on the watch I posted looks pretty good to me. I do think, however, that the hands have been relumed and that perhaps the second hand was replaced during that work. I base this conclusion on your picture; the second hand on the watch I posted looks too short.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henry Krinkle View Post
    Hello and welcome Chris.

    I am not sure that is a redial. The case and bracelet seem almost new, but not in the modern refinished way. The case looks about like the protective sticker on the case back; unused rather than new. I have seen enough of the "window blind" over the day on Starfires over the years to wonder if it could possibly be authentic. We have discussed this very thing in the past, but I don't think a firm consensus was arrived at.It wouldn't be the first time Radoi did something a bit goofy with leftover cases. The caseback si correct. The problem with the ref numbers for the Aasian markets is that they can be difficult to check against known parameters. It would be nice to see the movement to figure out if it's at least a proper date only Rado.
    I agree about the dial. As stated in my reply to is this my watch, it looks like the hands have been relumed, perhaps, and the second hand looks wrong now that I have another one to compare it to! Good to know about the caseback. An it's very interesting the flexibility Rado seems to have with its models. I guess there's nothing like an existential threat to your existence (i.e.- the Quartz Crisis) to make you not be wasteful with your parts inventory!

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    Quote Originally Posted by scottjc View Post
    Hi and welcome here.
    The Starfire is quite a strange model as the inner bezel is separate from the dial, which is why it's possible for it to cover the date on the one you're looking at.
    I'm not sure if another model uses the same construction, albeit without a date window, that could have been swapped over.
    Ismy has already posted a picture of the one I used to own, I'll have a dig to see if I have any more.

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    Hey, thanks for your thoughts. I did not notice that about the dial until you pointed it out. I suppose that means this model would have accepted at least two different movements (possibly three, if there's a reference without day and date).

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