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Thread: A Day with Apple Watch

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    A Day with Apple Watch

    Short version: an iPhone is used as the computer for the watch via Bluetooth.
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    Friday these went on preorder on the Apple sit. I tried to go look and the site was under massive load an in accessable. Have to look today.


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    They look interesting but still not sold.

    Every time I look at my Zenith 36K case back, etc, it kills my desire to own one.....
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    I have to say from fiddling with it in the store, it is very nicely made but I still think it is ugly and I just don't see the point even more so after playing with it.
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    My Sony Smartband Talk arrived yesterday, but I won't get to play with it until my birthday on Thursday. Will post up a review then.

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    May we have a link to somewhere worthwhile where we can read about it in the meanwhile?

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    As I think I've said before, for me it strikes the right balance between functionality and size - gives me most of what I want in a smartwatch but is small enough to wear on my right wrist

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    I was meaning something that's not advertising copy, eg a review

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    Quote Originally Posted by Der Amf View Post
    I was meaning something that's not advertising copy, eg a review

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    Very droll. Now spot the word "worthwhile"

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