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Thread: Best/worst watch purchase

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    And if we are talking about value... again, Seiko 0009 for worst... I think I paid nearly twice the retail value, but at the time it had been discontinued and I had to have one. But it's not like it set me back like a secondary market Rolex (not even close), so not a big deal.

    Best value, hard to say, with the exception of full MSRP on the Speedmaster (no regrets), every other watch I have purchased has been great deal from the Turtle to the Hamilton Khaki, to the Planet Ocean, but probably the "cheeky" offer I made on Alan's Orient Star Classic was the best deal. What a watch for the price. Only minor complaint, I wish it were as thin as a JLC... but I like the smaller case size (over the current MUT watches).

    In the interest of overall satisfaction, I would like to add (aside form my obvious Speedmaster choice), the Vintage Seiko has been getting a lot of love lately. Might be a near perfect watch for me, size, thickness, and I love a silver sun-brushed dial. Also of note, my watchmaker who works on Omega, Rolex, etc, and not Seiko was duly impressed with the movement when he regulated it for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tribe125 View Post

    I took a bit of a hit, but it wasn’t drastic. But the next wrong step was more serious. Glashütte Original Senator Excellence. This was in fairly recent times, but I’ve clearly suppressed the whole experience because I had to look up the model name. The GO wasn’t ‘the one’ either, and I couldn’t find a dealer to take it off my hands, including the dealer that sold it to me. Eventually, I found a previously unknown dealer that took it on consignment. Many, many months later it sold, and I couldn’t begin to convey the sense of relief. I can’t tell you what I lost because I’ve suppressed that too - but it was a lot. The GO is my worst purchase ever.

    Your GO Senator Excellence was one of your worst, I think mine is my best purchase.

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    Quote Originally Posted by happyscrappyheropup View Post
    Your GO Senator Excellence was one of your worst, I think mine is my best purchase.

    Yes, I know. It’s often about the buyer, not the watch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tribe125 View Post
    Go on…
    Quote Originally Posted by gnuyork View Post
    Yeah wondering the same... That Zodiac looks fantastic.
    That shouldn't be a surprise, I told most of my story in this thread, I think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tribe125 View Post
    Yes, I know. It’s often about the buyer, not the watch.

    My watch dial/hands were much more casual and daily-wearable, so I can see where there may be different expectations, too. I also bought mine secondhand for what I think is an amazing price for a couple year old full kit watch, so that may have some influence on the way I feel about the watch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mlcor View Post
    Wow, @Samanator, I'm surprised that the GS is in a tie with the Explorer. It is a beautiful watch, though.
    Pure staying power there due to several factors. First is the way this case fits the wrist. As we know Spring Drives are a bit thick, but this sits down and just hugs the wrist (at least mine) perfectly. Finish of everything is impeccable and the dial has ruined many other blue dials for me. I thought it might get displaced by the Moser, but that had some functional issues. While its dial was amazing, the case work was not as good as the GS and itt costs twice as much.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mlcor View Post
    someone here (@hayday?) has the black dial version, but at 16.1mm it was just too thick for someone wearing suits and dress shirts regularly at the time.

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    Great post!

    Best has to be the Sub. Bought new, below RRP & with interest free credit. Timeless and perfect.

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    Worst? Hard as I’ve not really messed up. Maybe the Black Monster on rubber. Loved the Orange Monster on a bracelet. Bought the black version to compliment it but never bonded with it.
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    Worst is easy. My Apple Watch. I had it for a day before I decided it wasn’t for me in any capacity and I returned it. Thank goodness for return policies.
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    Worst is easy. The Seiko 5 I bought. I have never felt more ripped off spending $300 in my life. Best is a lot harder. Best $300 as a comparison to the Seiko 5 would be the two Eterna KonTiki quartz chronos. I'd buy both other versions if I could find them at that price. Best value measured as cost per wear would probably be the Hyperchrome Golden Horse. It is also the closest I've come to the elusive "One" watch.
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