Every now and then, we at HODINKEE take a second to stop, think about where we are as a business, and for whom we work. The last part of that equation is simple – it's you, the watch lover. So, just like we did two years ago with the HODINKEE Fifth Anniversary Survey, today we are back to learn more about you, our readers. We want to know what you like, what you don't like, how and where you consume our editorial, and a little bit about yourselves. These surveys are incredibly important to us because they ultimately drive what we will build over the next few months and years. And us being us, we would never ask for anything without giving something back, and as such, do we have some prizes for you! (Hint: One prize may or may not be a mint Rolex Explorer reference 1016 from 1969).
All you have to do to be entered to win this watch, and our three other prizes, is fill out this survey right here. We'll leave the survey open until October 24th, with winners announced the following week.
Fourth Prize A HODINKEE Travel Tube

The grey HODINKEE Italian leather travel tube is one our most popular items, and it makes a wonderful traveling companion or safe-queen. It is completely hand-made, and it retails for $250 in the HODINKEE shop.
Third Prize A Signed Copy Of Jack Heuer's Autobiography (Not Available Anywhere)

Jack Heuer's autobiography is one of the most illuminating watch books to come out in the past decade. It was written by the man who lived right in the middle of the most important developments in watchmaking and thus experienced both the ups and the downs – here are five things we learned from it. While the book is available for free online, it is not available for purchase in printed form, anywhere. We have one remaining signed copy, and we are offering it up for free to someone in return for filling out our survey.
Second Prize Two Sonos PLAY: 1 Speakers

Okay, so this isn't watch related, but we LOVE our Sonos speakers here at the HODINKEE office, and we thought it'd be fun to offer a set to one of you. Imagine top quality sound and amazing wireless connectivity. We will be offering a set of two PLAY:1 speakers to one of our survey respondents. Thank us later.
First Prize A Rolex Explorer I (Reference 1016)

Yup, we're giving away this Rolex Explorer. No catch, just fill out our survey and you'll have a crack at it. We chose the 1016 Explorer as our grand prize because we happen to love this reference, being smaller, more refined, and in fact rarer than most other late '60s sport Rolexes. Further, it's just an amazing all-purpose watch. This example was manufactured in the second quarter of 1969 and has a stunning look to it. It'll come on an Oyster bracelet, just as it should.
Quick Facts

The HODINKEE Survey is a way to hear from our readers directly. We will take this feedback and use it to craft the future of this site. All answers will be kept anonymous and email addresses will only be used to contact the prize winners. The survey and its prizes are open to every HODINKEE reader around the world. It should be noted that the grand prize was purchased by HODINKEE and is no way affiliated with Rolex USA or Rolex SA.
Now get to it – The HODINKEE Survey May Be Found Online Right Here.