By TLex Here's a quick preview of the upcoming Triton Subphotique, which has been produced by a newly reborn TRITON Swiss watch company. They have not yet officially launched the brand or the watch; however they will at the end of this month in Belgium, France and Switzerland.

The Subphotoique immediately brings to mind the also newly reborn Grands Fonds 300 from ZRC, also of the same era. Although, it is really a very different watch. I'm no vintage expert, but Triton did produce a watch with such a case design for Spirotechnique in the 1960s, which was simply called the Triton Spirotechnique.

Among other producers for Spirotechnique were Auricoste (who still make Spirotechnique
DIVER), Doxa and TAG Heuer.

So how does the modern Triton Subphotique compare to the new ZRC Grands Fonds 300? Well from the dial we can see that it has 500 meters of water-resistance, but it also has an automatic Helium Escape Valve and by the looks a cambered Sapphire bezel. Very nice; I especially dig the handset!