What is it about the moon phase complication that makes it appealing?* I pondered this question as I was digging in to this week’s episode of Buying Time, my weekly roundup of interesting pre-owned watches from the Govberg vaults.* Is it the intrigue of having a celestial body on the dial of a watch?* It is the visual impact of something other than the usual numbers and arrows and hash marks on the dial?* If you have other opinions, I’d love to hear them.

While the moon phase is certainly one of the least practical complications (seriously, when is the last time you found yourself wanting to know what phase the moon would be on any particular night?), it is one of those complications that is and will perhaps forever remain inseparable from the world of fine watchmaking.** And so this week we will take a look at some moon phase watches, and beautiful ones at that.* All pre-owned, all available for purchase at this very moment.

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