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Thread: Polishing Tarnished Tungsten Carbide Cases?

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    Polishing Tarnished Tungsten Carbide Cases?


    Please correct me if I'm wrong but I think the older, vintage 'ceramic' cases for the Diastars, etc are made of tungsten carbide?

    I've seen some two types of problem with those older cases, either cracking/chipping or discolouration and tarnishing.

    I understand that there is not much to be done with the crack or chips, but is it possible to polish out the discolouration or tarnishing?

    I saw another post on IWL where somebody referenced ScottJC and saying something about using Diamond paste to polish cases?


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    Yes, fine grit diamond paste, and a lint free rag. It's going to take...a while. When I do something like this I like to put on a long, trippy record, personal preference here is dub, and pour a glass of Scotch or bourbon. Settle in and make the long ride enjoyable. The results are worth it.
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    Well worth it. The only cases I have not been successful with are the bronze tone examples usually found on balboas with the red goldstone mineral dials. They get very dull/cloudy and proven impossible to revive.

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