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Thread: I'm surprised to be saying this but a Panerai got my attention.

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    I'm surprised to be saying this but a Panerai got my attention.

    Its been a long time since I sold off my Pam 111G. Back around 2004, it was not a bad price for this ETA based model. I pretty much enjoyed the watch. The Unitas movement was sort of boring but other then that the watch was well made and enjoyed the strap options, as many Pam owners do and the case work and crown locking system was great quality. Since then the price almost doubled on what I paid for it. Kind of kicked myself for selling it since. I never been huge Panerai fan but I always liked their simple, hand wound models. The way, IMO a Panerai should be. Since my Pam purchase over 10 years ago I seen all kinds of models come into play. The same but different. Ceramic, automatic models and of course their "in house" movements. I tried on a few of the automatics in the past but it just didn't feel right.

    (Pics taken off the internet from google searches)

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    I been out of the loop for a while on this brand but I have to say the 560 8 Days really got my attention. Simple two hander, no faux patina and a very nice contradiction, that being its simple two hands is what you see in the front but at the back is a different story. A double barrel 8 day power reserve under the hood. I think its pretty neat that a brand does this. Its a complicated watch internally while staying classic and true to the Panerai style on the outside.

    The movement is OK to look at. Wish you could see more but I realize the plating adds to durability. The more you see, the more delicate the movement can become. I can be satisfied watching the balance wheel in motion and the rest, although not really pretty, is still more interesting then looking at a solid case back. The price, is not that bad relatively speaking for an 8 day power reserve. I believe you can find these cheaper then my original 111G Unitas based model. Perhaps those are turning into sort of collectors items as they are phasing out and going the way of making their own movements, with the help Richemont Group of course.

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    Very clean, simple design reminiscent of my Pam 111G with a special movement inside. This is one that is going to be on my radar.


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    Base is Ace IMO but I love the 560 almost purchased 1 yesterday but decided to try another brand I don't own.
    I say either 1 is a good choice but the 560 is a great modern Panerai but the 111 or the 000 is a winner in my book.

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    Must admit, I've changed my tune when it comes to Panerai. Most are too big for wrist, but the 512 is an elegant looker.

    I couldnt get on without a seconds hand though, i'd need to keep checking it was running

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    I never thought I would cross over to the dark side of the force, but really liking my Pam 005.

    Love the ability to change straps and the look of the watch in a moments notice.
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    I like the idea of a two handed but the seconds hand model is fine with me as well. If it's more then a few hundred $ difference they can keep their seconds hand. I keep track of time quite well with or without my watch if the watch stopped working I would most likely notice quite quickly.

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    I've always loved the simplicity of Panerai designs but at the same time I've questioned if the simplicity is worth the prices they charge. I actually like the old Unitas movements but at a certain price point I think people expect something more. I've been considering a 111 with the sapphire caseback and seconds hand. I'd love a Ti 177 but it seems like the prices have gone through the roof!

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    Not my cup of tea, I must say. But if you like it, that's what counts!
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    Huge Pam fan here so yes go for it.


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    some do look better than others for sure !got to say they always look good on William ! must be something to do with manly wrists and tats

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