Marriage watches have been around for as long as watches have been, in some form or other have done threads on that plus others have so we will skip daintily forward to todays excise

I have had this case in my bits box for ever it came supposedly as a working conversion it did not had bought it a world away so was not cost effective to return and language barriers made it hard to be understood. Anyway soo it sat in the bits box and the parts of the dial and movement got used over time was going to use the case on a 6497/8 mod but even though they are a very close match to the 3602 movement this case seems only to like the 3602 so it sat in the fix it box draw ever since till I saw a job lot of tat with a sekonda pocket watch among the cheap modern quartz's so when it arrived... Well was hoping it might be a straight swap over had the case ready the stem had been cut already for the 3602 fit so (only thing when working on 3602 movements in pocket watches you can't use the existing stem as solid metal so you can't cut down well you could cut and solider maybe but yeah you can buy thread stems though but ant cheap unless you bulk buy ) anyway nope none runner (they just had said oh pocket watch too so yeah sorta factor a strip down in to the job.

Well fun fact if working at night make sure your camera battery is fully charged if not might not get many or good pics.

I Opened the pocket watch and the front crystal fell out great start the hands was bent so hoping this was stopping it from working but once hands was off still no going it wound up but no ticking. so popped the back gave a slightly play with the hair spring it wanted to go put some thing was not right so remove the whole movement from the case.
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The movement and dial look in fair shape at this point choose to leave the dial on as working on a soft cloth should not damage the dial any further and kinda like the use aged look of it (would have been a very bright white to start with) so I pop off the hair spring check the pin and pallet that was working fine so meant as thought issue was hair spring so gave it a good blow out with my blower have got a couple of spare hair springs not sure if any good ( strange thing all are interchangeable but some seem to fit an work better in one movement over another )

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The Hair spring... so decided to use the old one first as it had been trying to spin so thought if just a build up of crap if been opened a lot of what not, so reset the original balance in place and at first nothing but partly screw it back on then just gave it a little play to try sit it just right and it took of slowly at first but was going so secure it in to place and got a beat not sure I would dance to it but it was deffo beating .

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Now the case I use is a three piece case front and back comes of leaving the centre case where the movement is secured in place by two screws and the stem so it was handy as did not need to move the movement as it just sat over it so part screw the two movement holder screws in, lined up the stem and then secure everything.

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Pop the back on and flip it set hands on and pop the front piece on sorted... well almost! the stem came out on pulling the crown to setting position ! (this is sometimes bad as can mess up positions ) so pop the back again loosen the stem screw again reset the stem tighten the stem screw again. pop the back on. Still ticking at this point so fully wound and set the watch gave it a polish and strap it .

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This morning it still going and within a minute of time set and as none hacking that could be down to my setting it as it a constant just under a minute so far .

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Not bad for the cost of an old movement .

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