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Thread: ..::super early start NOV24 WRUW ::..

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    rolex pic as answer guy mikeylacroix's Avatar
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    ..::super early start NOV24 WRUW ::..

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    Hyper-extra-incredibly early, Mikey

    But that's fine. Tomorrow, I'm going Longines:

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    Hope you all have a nice week ahead.

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    Weekend rolls by..have wound my Sea Chief in anticipation of another week..Have a good one everybody!

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    I'll see your Longines, and raise you.


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    Quote Originally Posted by hayday View Post
    I'll see your Longines, and raise you.


    Oh, it's going to be a nice Longines day, around here.

    Have a nice day, hayday.


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    Tomorrow will be "retro" day for me, with a 1956 Hamilton Cross Country...

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    Have a great week ahead!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jazzmaster View Post
    Tomorrow will be "retro" day for me, with a 1956 Hamilton Cross Country...

    an interesting and i guess a rare watch nowadays - don't think there were enough travelling salesmen about to keep up the production ! looks good -gold filled?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shameless View Post
    looks good -gold filled?
    Yes, 10K gold-filled.

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    I will likely go with this one again.

    All but one of the watches I picked to travel with this week is a chrono, and it wasn't on purpose. Nevertheless, it's refreshing not to have a herd of watches to mull over in the morning.

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