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Thread: 5 digit vs 8 digit reference numbers.

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    5 digit vs 8 digit reference numbers.

    We have never come up with a defintive date as to when Rado started changing from 5 to 8 digit reference numbers. I tend to say 1973-ish, knowing we have some indications that the 8 digit references started in 1972. We have come upon that by checking the movement codes.

    I think it is also fairly well established that watches with both reference numbers finished production in 1974 and all subsequent models carry only the 8 digit code.

    I have recently been perusing some model name/ reference number data that I got from a HIGHLY reliable source. I stumbled upon an interesting tidbit. TheMusketeer IX, reference number 625.3120. 2 and 625.3120.4 and the Silver Stag, ref 623.3117.4/2 and 625.117.4/2 were all released in 1971 and do not have a 5 digit code. I have however seen numerous models released in 1971 with both, so it seems these four models are some of the very first 8 digit only references.
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    Great sleuthing Hank! It seems they were running the 5 & 8 digit reference systems for some time, both separately & occasionally together. As we so often find with Rado, the rule is that there will always be exceptions to the rule.
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    Yes. At least four years now.I have yet to see any models issued in 1970, so I don't know if there are any watches dating before 1971 that carry both reference numbers.
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