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Thread: Miles McKinney Funky Friday December the 9th 2022.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim. View Post
    Cheers mate, it doesn't often get wrist time.
    A lovely eclectic week from you, the rare and beautiful Lapis 515 gets my vote.

    Thanks mate, the 515 is one of my favourite Diastars. The chances of two on the same day are certainly remote, especially as neither Henry nor I wear ours particularly regularly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim. View Post
    Cheers Hank, it's quite a simple uncluttered design and the case is very similar to the Voyager Mk1 , which you also like.

    Congrats on graduating from the OT, I note that both you and Scott chose a 515 for ff, it could only happen here. I always have a soft spot for the 1935, so much character.

    Cheers Tim. It does have a ton of character. The original Majetic doesn't really seem like a mid-thirties military design.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scottjc View Post
    Thanks mate.
    I am celebrating the fact that we're both wearing one of the rarest vintage Diastars today.

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    Cheers! That is a highly uncommon occurence.
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