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Thread: News: Pellikaan Hendrik Lorentz

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    Arrow News: Pellikaan Hendrik Lorentz

    Pellikaan Timing - Hendrik Lorentz Automatic

    I don't know if Pellikaan is a common surname in The Netherlands, but it's a good one.

    Hubert Pellikaan founded the company in 2009 in his home town of Utrecht. When not being a watch producer he's a pharmaceutical engineer.

    The company says:


    This watch is dedicated to Hendrik Lorentz, the scientific father of Albert Einstein. The design is inspired by the way of thinking of theoretical physicist Hendrik Lorentz and his “local time” formulas. In this design his “local time” is found in the scales which is separate for each hand. Additionally the dail is made of pearled silver, matt black hands. By this combination that was normally used in scientific instruments the watch is very accurately readable. Also it gives a noble and plain look to the watch.


    The engine of this watch is the automatic Swiss Soprod A10-2 movement which can be seen through the sapphire display back. The movement is exquisite in its finish. The movement is dynamically balanced by Pellikan timing in 6 positions increasing its accuracy even further. The accuracy falls within the demands for chronometric qualification.

    Technical data

    • Automatic winding (additional hand winding possible)
    • Readings: hours/minutes/seconds (hacking function).
    • Size: 40mm diameter, height 9,5 mm, strap 22 mm
    • Movement: Soprod A10-2
    • Power reserve: 38hrs
    • Leaf hands in matt black
    • Pearled silver dial with black lines
    • Sapphire crystals front and black
    • Standard black alligator strap and additional black nylon NATO-strap

    Price: € 1895 - including VAT


    Pellikaan watches have caught my eye before, but most of them are around 45mm. This one, at 40mm x 9.5mm looks very wearable.
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    Nice, but I'm not sure at that price.
    Regards Cam

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    Looks a little odd with that line running through the text.

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    I kind of like it, Very unique dial design, or at least different than most.

    I have always found them interesting and they seem to have a good rep, but you are correct, most of them are pretty big in size.
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