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Thread: Date-Just's fans here?

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    Date-Just's fans here?

    If my wife hasn't left the house with my DJ, I'll wear this one today.

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    Yeah, I like the DJ. It's one of the great all rounders. Hard to think of a better watch in a one watch collection.
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    Despite the online watch community's love (well deserved I admit) of the Sub, the DateJust is Rolex's leading seller. Probably because it comes in multiple sizes and is marketed to both sexes.


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    Awaiting unwrapping of the lovely Datejust I have for my wife for Christmas, it is 36mm and I have the extra links to put back in the bracelet if she ever tires of wearing it !

    The only pic I have at this point is in the worst Rolex picture thread so no point posting that again!
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    It's my favourite watch in my collection by a long stretch. I agonised over whether to go for a DJ or a GMT II / Explorer II, and ended up going for the 116200. I don't regret my decision one bit. Absolutely adore the super jubilee.

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    I've been seeing more and more women with them lately, and I think they look great on them!

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    As much as I love the look of the 1600, I want/need sapphire so 16200 it is.

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    I got the silver dial with the oyster bracelet, black with jubilee. I tried them out on both, and ended up with black on oyster.

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    I truly like how this watch is under the radar, super comfortable, and an actual timeless classic, unlike so many that pretend to be so.
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