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Thread: Tapatalk features

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    Tapatalk features

    I love the "participated" list on tapatalk. Sometimes though the conversation moves on and I no longer need that thread constantly being put in front of me.

    Is there any way of de tagging oneself from a thread from the perspective of tapatalk?

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    PS yes that means I reached 5000 posts on wus without the benefit of tapatalk

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    I would die without tapatalk, as I am rarely at a pc these days. That said, some of its features or lack of can be annoying.

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    Is that a no? Once I've made one single fatuous comment I'm obliged to listen to the rest of the thread for all eternity. Oof.

    *feels inhibited*

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    Yes, I think it is forever
    For a while it's good, but then you're condemned to see updates of 'what am I drinking' for life..
    It's the final countdown! PM me before they're all gone!

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    Yeah - I ensure I don't post in threads like the sport one just started saying "I don't watch sport", as you're then subscribed FOR EVER.

    That said we should really prune long threads every now and again when they become unwieldy, so maybe not forever, but still.
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    Maybe the threads which by their nature are endless simply get closed and given a new start at the start of each month?

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    My being slightly inhibited of course isn't the worst thing in the world

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    rolex pic as answer guy mikeylacroix's Avatar
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    Participated vs subscribed...just look at the subscribed column n unsub from those u participated but no longer wanna be reading...

    Can't help with the participated part unfortunately

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    Could I change the settings so that I automatically get subscribed to anything I participate in, and that I don't get notifications for things on my subscribed list? *starts prodding about*

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