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Thread: FS: Nienaber Stundenzeigeruhr

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    FS: Nienaber Stundenzeigeruhr

    I'm clearing out some watches that are not making it into my rotation. I'm trying to stick to 12 watches, so decisions must be made The Vostok was the first, next up is my single hander.

    Nienaber Stundenzeigeruhr

    Includes the box, papers, and factory strap+buckle, as well as a CNS canvas strap and a Neinaber microfiber cloth. The movement does not hack and I have not checked timekeeping. On the days I've worn it, the timekeeping seems good. The upper right lug decorative screw has a gouge (pictured) and while taking the pictures I noticed that seconds disc has a mark between 30 and 45 seconds.The watch was only worn around the house, there may be a mark on it. I've tried to provide pics as detailed as possible, PM if you'd like add'l pictures or a video.

    This was a watch that Rainer was selling at 50% MSRP to clear out stock when he retired. It originally had a gold hand and gold movement screws, he swapped in a blued hand and screws at my request. The original hand and screws are included.

    ** $695 USD shipped USPS Priority CONUS ** int'l possible with add'l shipping fees ** PM me or email my username **

    Face to face possible in Metro DC/Montgomery/Frederick Co. MD.

    I have extensive positive feedback buying/selling/trading on WUS for the last decade, as well as positive feedback on r/watchexchange.

    Link to pictures -

    Link to pictures -

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