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Thread: When John met Markus

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    When John met Markus

    This weekend I had the privilege of hosting Markus Kanzig in Oman. Markus is the Rado museum co-ordinator, a watchmaker by trade who has been with the company for thirty eight years.

    We were introduced to each other almost two years ago by Brad Jacobs and have been in constant correspondence which resulted in the visit.

    Markus visited Oman to see my vintage Rado collection of just over 100 pieces.

    As you can imagine we had many interesting conversations. Iíll say more about that later.

    Markus visited Oman several times as Rado service manager over twenty five years ago. It was good for him to come back to Oman so many years later.

    Several of the watches from my collection will now be going to the Rado archive and hopefully will be displayed in the Rado museum when it opens.

    I am very proud of my new pin badge normally given to their accredited watchmakers

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    Such an incredible experience, I do hope a great time was had!!

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    Congratulations JP, looking forward to hearing more about the visit, and also which of your watches will be going to the archive.

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    That's fantastic, John. I really like the pin, congrats!
    Will be keen to read anything you wish to share about Markus's plans for the collection.

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    Cool. Reminds me a bit of when American Marcus had his collection photographed by Rado.

    I imagine they now have an 8192?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Henry Krinkle View Post
    Cool. Reminds me a bit of when American Marcus had his collection photographed by Rado.

    I imagine they now have an 8192?
    They do have an 8192 but not from me. I sold both of mine to a fellow collector some time ago.

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