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Thread: Good looking smartwatch?

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    Not bad, but I can't take seriously a device that relies on another device, and it looks like it needs a little work -

    I wanted it to display the time for Geneva, Switzerland. It was only able to locate places with the name "Geneva" in the United States.

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    It looks like the display head on my exercise bike....
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    Good looking smartwatch? Nope.
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    I wanted to create a wearable device that looked like a cool watch, first and foremost
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    Quite to my amazement I have actually become interested in the Smartwatch tend/fad/whatever initially from an investment portfolio standpoint (the sensor chips/manufacturers) are intriguing. In this process of gathering information I have been exposed to many of the new options and in the end I have decided a Smartwatch should look like a "smartwatch" to me. Currently, I have no need or desire for one but I see them either flaming out or becoming de rigueur. During this browsing/thinking process I have come to the conclusion for me I don't want a Smartwatch to spend too much effort trying to blend in as a regular watch, make it functional first, make it fit the form factor second and make it look nice third. If it doesn't ape a traditional watch, that is fine. I don't have any need for my dive watches to look like dress watches, so a Smartwatch need not look like a traditional watch.

    In the end just on looks I think Apple may be the most pleasing design to me, doesn't try to camouflage itself it just is what it is with a decent design. This watch spends too much time trying to be something it is not and it appears the function suffers for it.

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