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Thread: What Are Your Plans for 2015?

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    What Are Your Plans for 2015?

    Some people just wing it and buy what they want as it comes up. Others plan things out. Do you have specific buying plans for 2015?

    I anticipate the arrival of several watches I have on order already. Currently I expect the Lew & Huey Legends, Magrette Dual Time, Airawat 40mm, Helberg CH8 and G. Gerlach Sokol 1000 to arrive next year. All of these are currently preordered. I also see a chance that the Padron Hennepin that I have ordered through Kickstarter to just barely slip into January for arrival.

    Outside of what I have on order currently I'd like to possibly add a Sinn U1 to the collection. I also want to add a modern super compressor style watch and the River Watch Co Tiber is high on the list. Beyond that I'm seriously considering a G. Gerlach Otago with the yellow dial. More than likely a few more will slip in there at some point but I intend for next year to be a tamer year for me.

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    I honestly have no idea.

    I might sell off my vintage Seikos (you heard it hear first) and jump up out of the "affordable" range, if you consider above $1000 the upper limit. I said that for 2014, too, though.

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    I'm going to start with something vintage and quality. Something from the late 50s, like a Longines, or some long-forgotten Swiss brand, manual, date-free, possibly 9ct gold case, which apparently is more common in the UK.

    If I've got $$$ left after that, I'm going to dip my toe into getting something in a Daily Wearer style eg a Certina DS-1, or a SARB033. This will require buying a date window, so this might end in tears.

    And once I've finished frittering my money I'll go in search of another cute little soviet dress watch, preferably something like really cute numerals.

    And at the start of the autumn I'll dig up this post, and laugh at how wide of the mark this prediction was

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    I have no plans. I'll take it as it comes.

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    I got four watches recently to celebrate my 40th birthday. I am done for awhile.

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    Talk as though I am done spending so frivolously on watches.....Then purchase multiple watches at random during the year

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    Continue consolidating my collection; get everything serviced, clear out the dross, acquire maybe one or two rarities to fill any gaps.
    Ask me again in March and I'll blush at the simplicity of that answer...
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    What Are Your Plans for 2015?

    I'm waiting on a small horde of affordables: Hexa project from WUS, two 1963's from hked's project, the 40mm airawat from prateek, L&H Legends, tangramatic bauhaus from KS, and Gerlach Sokol 1000. Hopefully that'll quiet the beast for awhile.

    but i doubt it!

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    I'll Hopefully get a black monster at some stage
    Id love a lew and huey but I think it will be out of my budget in 2015

    Im sure I'll buy and flip some more vintage vostoks too

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    This at some point.

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    Maybe one of these.

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    This keeps calling my name.

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