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Thread: My Casio GD-8 race car gaming watch lives again!

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    My Casio GD-8 race car gaming watch lives again!

    Over the weekend, I revived my old old .. very old Casio GD-8 race car gaming watch. Its one of the first Casio I ever owned that my father gave me when I was little, roughly 32 yr ago. Unfortunately the LCD has slight bleeding on the top right hand corner, but at least it doesn't affect the rest of the screen. Now I have a source a strap to replace the well aged rubber strap.

    It uses CR2016 battery, like some other G-Shocks that I have, which is handy. The white plastic "holder" is intact, just that it doesn't show up in the over exposed photo.

    And here's a Hyperlapse video in the time keeping mode.

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    And here's my high score for the day ... LOL

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    My Casio GD-8 race car gaming watch lives again!

    lol, that is awesome! The video is just great. Thanks for posting.

    You should post that in the main WRUW thread over in IWL Central.

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    Awesome! Glad you could revive your Casio...these were such cool watches. Thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks for sharing.
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    This is really awesome!!!

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