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Thread: WRUW this Thursday the 26th of October.

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    WRUW this Thursday the 26th of October.

    Two tone Cologny today.

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    Sinn 356 today

    Sinn 356 by Tempocalypse Watch, on Flickr
    Instagram: @tempocalypse

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    WRUW this Thursday the 26th of October.

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    EDIT: Change of plans. There is an active shooter still at-large about 1 1/2 north of me and about 40 mins from the school where I teach. At least 20 dead and another 50 injured. I feel safe but I worry about some of my kids. No school today so no need for leather. Off for a beach walk.

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    My Farer made it to Charm City this morning, there’s a possibility that it will be delivered today. ��

    IWC until it arrives today or tomorrow.

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    This one all week, although have got two funky new pieces which will get wrist time at the weekend

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