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Triwa x Ghosbusters

If you’re of a certain age, there’s a good chance that the Ghostbusters movies are a touchstone and just as beloved, in their own way, as other huge franchises of the era, Star Wars and Indiana Jones among them. Our friends at Triwa are tapping into the comedy’s huge following with their latest collection, which sees the famous Ghostbusters “No Ghost” logo emblazoned right on the dial (which glows in the dark, of course).

The TFO SUB Octopus, a 100 meter water resistant diver made of recycled ocean plastics, is the first of the two watches that make up the new collaboration. It features big, bold, lume filled hour markers and the “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts” catchphrase on the rehaut. The TFO Octopus, with a case made of the same material in two different color options, is also available, and is a field watch style execution with the iconic logo at 6:00. These are fun and affordable casual watches at a fair price, starting at $169. More info at Triwa here.

The Honda Prelude Returns

If you were a car enthusiast in the ‘90s there are a number of cars that likely hold a special place in your heart. When it comes to front wheel drive cars specifically, a few nameplates come to mind immediately, such as the DC 2 Integra Type R and its high strung B18C, and the fifth generation Prelude with the H22 engine. The Integra would go on to become the RSX before eventually being retired altogether (and then resurrected again just recently), while the Prelude would end its production in 2001. But that might not be the last word yet.*

This week, during the Japan Mobility Show 2023, we were treated to a bevy of nostalgic cars making a potential return, and the Prelude was chief among them. The concept looks surprisingly road ready, and to my eye, looks a bit like the third generation Prelude of the early ‘90s. Those high revving 4 cylinder engines mated to a slick shifting 5 speed will unfortunately continue to be a thing of the past. This concept boasts a hybrid electric drivetrain. Here’s hoping they can keep the weight down. Learn more about the Prelude concept over at Autoblog.

New Leica Features to Prevent Misinformation*

Leica’s new M11 gets an additional model with the release of the M11-P with built in features meant to protect its images from being used for nefarious purposes. The new camera has the ability to automatically watermark photos with Content Credentials metadata to safeguard the images from being used to create disinformation campaigns. Content Credentials was created by activist groups fighting the appropriation of content for use in creating misinformation, and this Leica is the first to incorporate its standard at the hardware level, “creating a chain of authenticity from the camera to the cloud.” Learn more about the camera and the efforts of the CAI and C2PA from Engadget here.*

The Children of Horror

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you’re anything like a large contingent of Worn & Wound staff, you’ve been mainlining horror movies all month (OK, some of us just watch these things all the time). Whether horror movies are a seasonal fix or a yearlong obsession, this video essay from The Ringer’s Adam Nayman is worth a watch. Over the course of 20 minutes, Nayman breaks down the history of horror movie children, a trope of the genre that has existed as long as horror movies themselves. Nayman really knows his horror, and even if you’re a hardcore fan, you’re likely to find some new films to add to your watchlist here, or at least see some old favorites in a new light.

The Restaurant Nearest Google

It’s happened to most of us: you’re in a new or unfamiliar place. You’re craving Thai food (or pizza, or maybe you need a plumber or a dentist) and you pull out your phone, fire up Google, and it seems to read your mind as you type in literally anything you might be searching for with “near me” ready to autocomplete. Over time, many enterprising restaurants and businesses of all stripes have tried to game the system by adding the words “Near Me” to their business name. Does this really work? This fascinating read in The Verge examines this phenomenon and the unexpected impact it’s had on some businesses.

A Ford GT Press Car is Up For Sale

Here’s something we don’t see everyday, a vintage press car coming up for sale, and not just any car, an original Ford GT40. This MK I is chassis P/1069, and has been refinished in its original Opalescent Silver Blue which works brilliantly with the rest of the car which has been brought back to original road going spec by the owner, who purchased the car in 2006. The car is as raw inside as it is outside, so don’t expect to see this one making grocery runs near you anytime soon, but hopefully the lucky future owner will keep it somewhat accessible to enthusiasts of all stripes. Catch more details on this rare bird over at Pistonheads right here.*

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