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Thread: Obris Morgan thread

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    Obris Morgan thread

    Obris Morgan was an Affordables favorite over at the other forum and for good reason. Their watches present excellent value in the specs to price ratio (someone needs to create a formula to calculate specs to price. That'd be a fun thread.). I'm intending this to be a general Obris Morgan thread.

    EDIT:Bah, this was a special forum watch that they created with Spanish watch forums fororelojero and corralitorelojero.

    Anyway, they've announced a new watch, the Caicos. By announced, I mean they put some photos on Facebook. No details on size, movement, etc, but they seem to lean towards bigger, but reasonably sized, watches. The photos show a date and no-date version. And a cool lume shot...

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    Nice!! Like the new logo, much better

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    Well, damn. They clarified on FB that the Caicos was a special forum watch they did.

    Here's a picture of the Branco from when I owned it.

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    I'll keep this going with a pic of my Pradata.
    Outstanding watch all of the way around and once you figure in the price it becomes a fantastic watch.
    You can always earn more money but you can't earn more time.

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    I had a Branco for a bit. Great value for the money. This new one looks great. Too bad it's forum specific. I wonder how long before we get a forum project over here.

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    My Branco is on its way back for a crown replacement.

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    "I'm just a witness"

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    What happened to the crown?

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    They seem to offer pretty good customer service too. When my new Pradata went missing during delivery Justin shipped a replacement quickly and included a free strap as an apology.
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    Quote Originally Posted by josh View Post
    What happened to the crown?
    Eh threads got stripped and it wouldn't screw in.

    "I'm just a witness"

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