DOXA has recently announced the release of the all new Sub 300?, a reimagining of their classic dive watch. Coming in five colorways, the latest iteration of the Sub 300? will catch the eye of those unfamiliar with the brand, while reiterating why DOXA has sustained a cult-like following for nearly the entirety of its 130-year history.

To understand the 300?, let’s first look back at the history of the Sub line. In 1967, DOXA revolutionized professional diving watches with the introduction of the SUB concept, the first mainstream model of its kind. Water-resistant to 300 meters, it featured a groundbreaking unidirectional rotating bezel with dual dive time and depth indications, incorporating the US Navy’s no-decompression dive tables. The iconic orange dial set it apart and became synonymous with underwater exploration, even catching the attention of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, who secured exclusive distribution rights for the SUB 300 in the USA.
In 1969, DOXA continued its innovation with the SUB 300T Conquistador, introducing the helium release valve (HRV). Designed for saturation diving, the HRV allows trapped helium to escape during decompression, preventing pressure build-up and potential damage to the watch. This marked another pioneering move by DOXA in ensuring the durability and functionality of their timepieces in the most challenging underwater environments.

Now, available today, the new 300? has taken this history as a jumping-off point for the brand to reimagine the beauty and functionality of the beloved Sub. The 300? has taken the best elements of its previous iterations while modernizing the watch for a new generation of collectors. First and foremost, the new model is lighter with more contemporary proportions. While the watch itself maintains a 42.50mm stainless steel case, the profile comes in at a trimmer 11.95mm height, offering a cleaner, lighter feel when worn.*

Marrying sports and luxury isn’t always easy, but the Sub 300? toes this line elegantly. From its black ceramic bezel to its screw-down crown, to the dial’s sunburst finish, the small details add up to show that this might be a high-performance watch, but underscore the idea that DOXA knows many collectors simply want an aesthetically pleasing watch for day to day use. That said, if you ever do want to recreate the magic of Cousteau and the crew of the Calypso, rest assured that the watch maintains a water resistance of up to 30 ATM and like all DOXA divers is a capable, professional instrument.

DOXA describes this watch as “a diver that captures the spirit of the times” and we can agree. With its five colorways (Professional, Searambler, Caribbean, Divingstar, and Aquamarine) in a wave pattern on the dial, it’s evident that DOXA is updating their traditionally toned-down style for something a bit more fun. While some may say it detracts from the brand identity, a bit of change can be welcomed, especially when the color options are vibrant and complementary to the overall style of the spirit of sea exploration that is at the root of DOXA’s brand identity.

Each watch is available with a rubber strap or stainless steel bracelet option (on request for an additional charge). All watches in the 300? series run on a Swiss automatic movement with a promise of a 38 hour power reserve.

The DOXA Sub 300? series of watches is available now via DOXA’s website with prices starting at $2,250.

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