Without a doubt, something that binds the Worn & Wound editorial team together is a love and appreciation for Grand Seiko. Zach Weiss, Kat Shoulders, and Zach Kazan are all genuine fans of the brand, and have owned virtually every category of modern Grand Seiko over the years. From the gorgeous Zaratsu polishing to the true ingenuity of their in-house movements and unique textured dials, thereís no shortage of pathways to finding a way to love Grand Seiko.*

In this video, Zach W., Kat, and Zach K. discuss how they first encountered the brand and why they continue to appreciate these watches. They also talk about their own Grand Seiko collections, watches they currently own and have owned in the past, and show you exactly what they enjoy about them. This is a conversation about the Grand Seiko ownership experience as much as it is about the experience of collecting.*

Also in this video, Zach Weiss tells us about his recent trip to Japan to see Grand Seikoís manufacturing facilities up close, and shows us the watch he picked up as a keepsake that can only be found for sale in the brandís home country.

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