Nubeo is a brand that takes its inspiration from both sea and space in tribute, in function and in design. Their latest dive watch is named after the Ventana remotely operated vehicle. This scientific submersible is rated to a depth of over 1700 meters, and for 30 years and somewhere north of 4,100 dives it is the most experienced and enduring ROV in the world.

This diver sure looks the part and with 1000m of water-resistance, it can also do the part. The perfectly round stainless steel case is a whopping 50mm in diameter, but similar to everyone’s favorite Japanese dive watch nicknamed after a delicious sandwich fish, there are no lugs. The strap directly attaches to the watch underneath each side, in a hooded fashion. Therefore, despite its girth, just about anyone should be able to wear it.
All of the Ventana variants feature a deep wave patterned dial, with a flush helium escape valve at 9 o’clock and, believe it or not, a captive bezel held in place by large screws. The extra-large hands and indices, along with the oversize bezel pip are filled with a copious amount of lume. Powering the Ventana is the automatic, Seiko built, NH35 movement, and all come on a specialized, thick silicon strap, ready for action. Finishing the year with a bang, Nubeo has introduced 4 new colorways, each limited to 400 pieces.

First there is the Basalt Grey, for those that prefer a more conservative look. Its bezel insert is a half-half split of black on top and, as the name implies, grey on the bottom. It also comes on a grey strap, with the 1000m depth rating in orange print on the dial, matching the tip of the second hand.*
For those that like things a little sportier, there is the Classic Black, which features a red/blue Pepsi colored bezel and comes on a black strap. On this one the 1000m rating is printed in red, which also matches the tip of the second hand.*

For adventurous types, there is the Electric Lime model, with a green case, green bezel insert and green chapter ring. It features a white strap and the 1000m rating is printed in orange just like the Basalt Grey and similarly, the second hand is orange tipped. The crown is coated black.*

I have saved my favorite for last. The Dark Magma. Unlike the other 3 that basically have the same dial and hands, this one goes all out Magma! It features a red case, black bezel insert with red markings, a red chapter ring, red surrounds on the hour markets and deep red hands. The lume is also different, as it is black and the crown on this one is also black, like the Electric Lime model. All of the printing on the dial is yellow, along with the tip of the second hand.

The retail pricing on the Nubeo Ventana is $1,500. More information on their website here.*

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