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Thread: Backsides at the ready

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    Backsides at the ready

    What I mean is: Let's see your caseback pics (display/exhibition or just fancy non-display)

    I'll start you off

    To keep the interest up please post in typical Seriously "One per post" fashion

    Name:  3133backside.jpg
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    At the car, just fetching your zimmer frame.
    What a pity that ^^ wasn't a JG71 watch.

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    Chronoswiss Sirius

    Name:  Chronoswiss Sirius 19.JPG
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    Speedmaster Pro

    Name:  Omega Speedy_proC8.JPG
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    Longines Heritage Conquest

    Name:  Longines_Heritage_Conquest15.JPG
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    Omega makes a nice looking movement (though the Speedy is even nicer)
    Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1416957930.850041.jpg
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    This one isn't pretty but useful with conversion units. Different
    Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1416957988.308087.jpg
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    PS it's a PITA to photo a case back on a bracelet watch.

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