Godzilla, as he does from time to time, is having a moment. Godzilla Minus One was an unexpected hit in theaters at the end of last year, and as the first Godzilla film from Toho Co. studios to break through in America in years, it has some fans discovering a different side of the King of the Monsters. The Toho films, going back decades to the original Godzilla movies of the 1950s, have generally been a little more character driven and subtle than the bombastic, special effects laden American films. And a new Godzilla themed watch from Citizen is similarly subtle. It doesnít beat you over the head (orÖbreathe fire at you) with Godzilla references, but itís still clearly inspired by the iconic movie monster.*

It makes perfect sense for the Citizen Eco-Drive Professional Diver 300 to be the platform for a new Godzilla watch – the dive watch has long been known as the ďEcozillaĒ to collectors, and Citizen is happy to play up the connection. The watch arrives in a year thatís important to both Godzilla and Citizen, as each has a milestone birthday to celebrate: Godzilla turns 70, and Citizen marks the 100th anniversary of their first watch this year.*

The dial and bezel assembly of the new Godzilla piece feature a camo pattern thatís meant to recall the scales of Godzillaís skin, and youíll also find very small renditions of Godzilla within the pattern itself. There are two dial variants being offered, one in a classic black and another in a more in-your-face red. With a somewhat conservative version paired against a louder colorway, it begs the question: Whoís picking the quiet Godzilla watch? Just one manís opinion, but red seems like the move here.*

The Ecozilla case here is still deliriously, hilariously oversized, coming in at 48.2mm in diameter and 18.5mm tall. Itís stainless steel, and has a matte gray coating that helps keep it somewhat sleek, at least as much as possible for a watch of this size. The watch runs on the Cal.B873 Eco-Drive movement, which is accurate to +/- 15 seconds per month, and will run for 6 months in the dark on a full charge.

Retail pricing for each variant is set at $900. The black version is limited to 2,500 pieces, and the red is limited to 3,000. More information can be found at Citizenís website here.*

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