Garrick, one of our favorite watchmakers in the burgeoning “micro-indie” space, has introduced a watch that is truly niche to start 2024. Really, it’s a niche of a niche, because even the most straightforward Garrick is a highly specialized enthusiast focused object. Each one is custom made for its owner, and Garrick offers a head spinning variety of customization options so clients can truly make their new watch their own. Now, with the latest entrant in Garrick’s growing S2 lineup, customers can opt for one of the most unusual and esoteric complications of all: the deadbeat second.*

The Garrick S2 Deadbeat Seconds employs the* Calibre DB-GO6, a movement built from the ground up with an unusual party trick: instead of a smooth sweeping motion that most mechanical watch collectors are accustomed to, the seconds hand driven by this caliber “ticks” in a manner that is similar to a quartz watch. It’s anachronistic to say the least, and the complication has come to represent something akin to an insider’s secret for the way it upends expectations about how we expect a mechanical watch to function. Historically, the complication has roots in the scientific community, as timing events to the second in this manner was advantageous in certain circumstances.*

The S2 case is 42mm in stainless steel (gold cases are also available) and customers begin the custom ordering process by selecting either a MK 1 dial (with a heat blued skeletonized chapter ring) or a MK 2 dial (a more contemporary option, which a circular grained chapter ring with integrated and filled markers). From there, the custom options are nearly endless. Dials can be finished with guilloche applied via an old-school engine turning process, or they can be given a frosted finish. If you opt for guilloche, you have a wide variety of patterns to choose from, and you can have your dial plated with gold, rhodium, or opt for a completely customized color option.*

Garrick is proudly low production – they make only around 70 watches per year – and their books are often filled for years in advance. But the wait you might endure is rewarded with an object that is largely handmade and, importantly, as unique as you want it to be.*
The Garrick S2 Deadbeat Seconds starts at £19,000. Garrick

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