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A Massive Watch Auction in the UK

If you’re interested in picking up an interesting vintage (or modern) watch at a screaming value, regional auction houses are sometimes a great place to shop. UK based auction house Gardiner Houlgate is about to auction nearly 500 lots in a massive auction, and there’s almost certainly something for everyone. Scrolling through the selection is a dizzying experience as there are just so many watches to sift through, but some highlights, at a glance, include vintage Omega Rancheros, a Seiko Coutura solar chrono from the 90s, and a solid gold Chronoswiss jump hour with retrograde minutes display. Like we said, there’s a ton of variety. You can check out the catalog for yourself here before bidding opens next week.*
When Golf Courses Go Wild*

There’s something inherently peaceful about a golf course. Golf is a quiet game and a perfectly manicured course provides for a zen-like, meditative atmosphere. It’s rare, though, to see a course in anything but tip-top shape. The New York Times has an interesting story this week about golf courses that have shut down and been repurposed as refuges for wildlife, places for outdoor recreation, and other purposes. There’s a huge ecological impact in these communities, and the photos in the Times article are kind of amazing. If you’ve ever wondered what that idyllic course would look like completely grown over, these photos will give you an idea.*
The Sasquatch Sunset Trailer*

First things first, this is a red band trailer. Do not, I repeat do not, hit “Play” if impressionable young minds are in the vicinity. Now that that’s out of the way, this weird trailer for what is probably an even weirder movie is too, well, weird not to share. Sasquatch Sunset is a new…sasquatch movie that recently premiered to a certain amount of controversy (and some acclaim) at Sundance. It appears to be a domestic comedy/drama, but instead of a human family, we’re tracking a community of sasquatches. Sasquatches played, mind you, by notable actors including Jesse Eisenberg and Riley Keough. Yes, that’s them under massive amounts of makeup and what I imagine are heavy and uncomfortable sasquatch costumes. One commenter on the film’s Instagram page noted that he had never observed so many walk-outs at his Sundance screening of the film, which honestly just has us all the more intrigued.*
Tactile Turn’s Latest Seasonal Pen

Our friends over at Tactile Turn have unveiled their latest seasonal pen release, the “Icefall,” available in side click and slim slide click variants. Tactile Turn’s seasonal releases have proven to be incredibly popular, and allow collectors and pen enthusiasts the opportunity to pick up something special in an uncommon color as long as they place an order within a certain timeframe (you have until March 28 to pick up the Icefall). The pen’s marbled finish is inspired by the movement of glaciers, and is rendered in white, gray, and blue Cerakote. Small details like the optional titanium damascus clip are a great example of Tactile Turn doing the little things that get collectors excited about their products. More information can be found here.
Returning the Apple Vision Pro*

We continue to be low-key obsessed with the rapid adoption of the Apple Vision Pro among the most technologically inclined of us (and those willing to drop $3,500 on a gen 1 product). The videos of early adopters wearing and using the headset in public places are bringing us endless amounts of joy. But, alas, not everyone is thrilled with the device. The two week mark of the Vision Pro being on the market is here, which means the first units sold are hitting the end of their return window, and reports are surfacing that many are electing to take the device back to Apple. The most common complaint seems to be comfort related, which is unsurprising given this is a product made for the masses that also has to be worn. We’re all different, so it’s got to be tough to dial in the size and weight that will work for everyone. Here’s hoping the next version, whenever that may turn up, is a little lighter and easier to wear for those who found this one a bit challenging.*

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