Here at the Worn & Wound office, watches arrive at our doorstep everyday. So many watches are coming in, not everyone in the office can possibly see all of them. It’s a nice problem to have, and presents an opportunity for members of the team to give us their immediate, honest reactions to new watches they’ve never seen before. In this Surprise Unboxing, Zach Weiss and Zach Kazan look at a selection of watches they’ve never seen before, have varying levels of familiarity with, and give you their honest first impressions.*

In this episode, Zach Weiss takes a look at a pair of new sports watches from Ardio (recently reviewed by Meg Tocci right here), one of which has a surprisingly detailed textured dial that punches well above its weight class. Zach Kazan struggles with the pronunciation of a diver from Italian brand Venezianico, but is truly impressed by its aventurine dial. And then they look at a pair of watches from Gavox, an old-school microbrand that recently upgraded their Avidiver with a GMT movement.*

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