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Thread: Wall clocks

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    Wall clocks

    A thought occurred to like this sorta watch, ...... that sorta watch , ......... any sorta watch

    Sooooooo............What sorta wall clock does that translate into i.e. which do you like/prefer/use ? (I'm mainly talking style of the dial)
    Plenty of examples here:

    I like this sorta:
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    Radio controlled preferably, and white dial as shown preferably, with that sorta font

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    I use this while in kitchen, it's winding key controlled you know.

    Cheers, M

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    Really like this one - Max Bill, quite pricey though.

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    Ahhh sugar , I like both of them too now !!

    but not far off the example of the ones I like I picked at random.

    Interesting they're both Junghans, but they're not exactly known for shit designs lol

    I'm perhaps trying to find out what you go for at the cheaper end of the spectrum ... although maybe I'm not? not sure now

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    I like this one a lot. It has a Whittington chime which I find quite appealing.

    Few things are more delightful than grandchildren fighting over your lap. ~Doug Larson

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    I was in my local clock shop today, they had a wall clock similar to the clock in the first post, plus it had smooth sweep seconds hand. Was so close to buying it - like a wall based spring drive!

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    This is ours, but it came with a seriously loud tick which echoes in a large kitchen, which Management didn't like. So I bought a different design by the same manufacturer but with a sweep hand, and swapped the movement and hands over.

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    I found myself working under the shadow of this one recently

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    smooth sweep sounds good too , wonder if someone does smooth sweep radio controlled with a white dial .............

    If you hadn't noticed I'm in the market for one cos my RC one has decided to wear out internally, it's keeps sticking at 1/4 to 3, and it's not the hands catching ... and well it is ten years old
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    I had this for a while -

    Wife wasn't keen, though.

    I love the Junghans clocks, but I'm not sure I have an obvious place to put one.

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