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Thread: Mickey Rourke... Boxing??? What BS!

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    Mickey was a pretty accomplished fighter when he was young, why he'd be doing this at this stage of his career is a mystery. Body shot dropped him the first time, liver shot the second time...but he was fighting a bum.

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    I wonder if he messed up his face by himself hitting it on a wall?

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    I don't know what I just watched. It seemed like a geriatric ninja was beating some other guy up.

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    It's he trying for a part in the next Rocky movie?

    He was superb in The Wrestler if anyone has not seen it.
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    imgres.jpgimages.jpg before and after a few rounds ! its xmas every day for this guys plastic surgeon

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    Quote Originally Posted by shameless
    Which is the punch bag again ?


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    Just another good reason not to try steroids......

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    So Chrono, how on earth did you end up at that video?

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    What a freak show. Does not look like the other guy touched him to me. Boxing was once a great sport now its a circus.
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