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    Hi folks,
    i am a first time poster here. Altough i am a noob, i already have a very familiar feeling by the lot of yall .

    kind regards,

    I will try to introduce myself a bit better now than i did in the OP.

    I'm a 39 year old man/boy, i live in Belgium near a racingtrack (as you can see on the IWL map). I am self-employed and i travel a lot for my job. I love architecture, cars and motorcycles, good food, beer and so on...My native language is Dutch/Flemish. I started loving watches ever since i was tought how to read a clock. Before turning 30 i presented myself with a Rolex GMT wich i had as a beaterwatch for years and years. It was my only watch. Later it got company from a Speedy, then came a Milgauss, and from that point on things escalated real quick. To be honnest, before i joined "the other" forum (the name there was Inca Bloc), i was kind of a watchsnob, mainly becouse my only influence was the B2B world where i work in, i only bought famous Swiss brands. I most have spend a fortune purchasing these watches. Being a forum-member introduced me to Chinese watches and JDM watches. After buying a cheap solar Seiko i fell in love with quartz watches. All my recent purchases were either quartz, solar, ABC or HAQ. I have a nice collection of NOS watches, NOS Swatches, affordables and unworn vintage watches. I prefer to wear affordables over high-end watches, altough i still own a few pieces, i never wear them. Well, that should be nuff said for now, if you have any questions, i will be glad to answer them....
    Kind regards,
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