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Thread: WRUW - Sunday - 6 December 2015

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    Speedy Sunday.

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    My evening swap was a no-brainer....

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    "chirp, chirp"

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    got the tree up last night & house decorated, looks like some busy elves hit my house overnight.(aka my Wife)

    Then it became all bad.Washer took a turd last night

    So out appliance shopping w/ Omega because the prices are out of this world

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    Going DM 500 on weathered leather today.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Henry Krinkle View Post

    PC061805 by Hank Blanc, on Flickr
    Beautiful watch, beautiful shot, Henry.

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    The Chronomat 44 GMT is a hard watch to photograph, but I kinda like how this afternoon's photo turned out (and, yes -- the date has not been re-set recently)...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAGtime View Post
    Beautiful watch, beautiful shot, Henry.

    Thank Jane.

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    Quote Originally Posted by birdynamnam View Post
    Lovely photo Laurent.

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