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Thread: Not everybody's favorite rolex and seiko

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    rolex pic as answer guy mikeylacroix's Avatar
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    Not everybody's favorite rolex and seiko

    Just some pics...

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    Do you still have the black dial Daytona, Mikey? Liked that model... a lot!

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    I like the two tone Daytona. Would look great on a brown strap, in fact the most vivid watch dream I have ever had was about the two tone white dial Daytona (just like yours) on a brown strap. The dream was so realistic the details were all there, and I don't know why. Before that I never thought much about that particular Daytona, but now I sure do. Weird, eh?

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    That Seiko is nice....

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeylacroix View Post
    There it is!

    Thank you!

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    Honestly? As I think you can take it, and you did open the point up...

    The GS quartz diver? LOVE it. No date, super accurate, minimal servicing, superbly finished, killer lume etc etc...

    The Daytonas? No, I don't like them. And Rolex is my favourite brand. The overall look does little for me, but the real death blow (which I have highlighted many times online) is the 9 o'clock sub dial. The digit where a 6 should be is actually a 9. Look carefully, the numbers are facing in. A mistake, or just to make easier to read? I dunno, but it does my head in. Why didn't Rolex lay out that sub dial like the others, and use 12, 4 & 8? The problem would be avoided and the watch would be better balanced. It's a really dodgy bit of design in my opinion.

    Sorry, and I know it won't spoil your enjoyment of the watches.
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