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Thread: New Cartier Crash

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    Arrow New Cartier Crash

    Limited edition of 67 in platinum. The Crash was first introduced in 1967.


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    More like "smushed".

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    ...or for those who remember the 60's, "skeleton watch on acid."

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    Haven't seen this new version, is this one a men's watch? I always thought they were neat for the well heeled lady since they have never been cheap (even in Cartier terms) and they seem to be more of an occasion watch.

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    Dali would be proud.

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    Imagine how much it would sell for if it wasn't damaged?
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    I personally find the idea behind this watch a bit sick, the guy died, hardly a great way to remember .
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkO View Post
    I personally find the idea behind this watch a bit sick, the guy died, hardly a great way to remember .
    just read up on it and entirely agree
    Regards Cam

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    Looks like it melted in a fire

    Maybe it spent some time under a tire

    Or modeled after a spider hit by a quire

    Regardless, I want to kill it with gunfire

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